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Real name Logan Vaughn
Other names Herzog Wyrmsyn
Kin Kamura
Genocider Zero
Grenadier Zero
Scanty Daemon
Date of birth March 15, 1996
Profession or hobby student
Kintype varies
Location Pocahontas, AR USA

TheDarkEricDraven is a self-professed "proud pedophile"[1][2] active in the otherkin and fictionkin communities, claiming to be attracted to six to ten year olds.[3] He has been particularly active on tumblr and dreamwidth, and has attracted significant negative attention to the community from non-otherkin sources including Gawker and BetaBeat.

Grooming Attempt

On July 27, 2012, when he was sixteen years old, Draven participated in a conversation over instant messenger with a girl he believed to be thirteen years old in which he engaged in classic grooming behavior such as asking "since you are all desanitized [sic] to sex and stuff, do you look at porn or anything?", and stating "You know, my sister didn’t think you were who you say you are at first. You totally seem real to me, though. I convinced her…still, it’d be really funny if you were a cop from To Catch a Preditor [sic] or something. " and "Lol. It’s part of why I was a little scared of all that sexual discussion going on in the other chat. I’d hate to get arrested for letting a thirteen year old see such language." The thirteen year old he was talking to was later revealed to actually be two older girls who were baiting Draven.[4]

Therapy Claims & Counter-Evidence

Draven has expressed, multiple times, that he will seek therapy for his pedophilia.[5][6] As of December 4, 2012 his posts indicated that he still had not done so and had "not talked to many therapists" since he was fourteen.[7]

Since then, Draven has claimed multiple times that he began seeing a therapist in December 2012, and that he is "not a lolicon anymore" or "not a pedophile anymore". Chat logs from May 2013, however, reveal him stating that he did not discuss his pedophilia with his therapist, saying "It was replaced by something else on it's own. What would I say 'yeah I was turned on by kids now I'm not how do you fix me doc'"[8].

On October 27, 2013, Draven sent an ask to Jarandhel Dreamsinger on Tumblr, stating "And if you want proof I didn't just start saying I'm talking to my therapist about all that stuff, you can ask Kenna."[9] To which Kenna responded, saying "Yeah, that’s a flat-out lie. The last time I spoke to him about his therapist, he specifically told me he didn’t want to talk to them about his pedophilia because ‘Far-kun’ told him he might get in trouble." [10]

Despite this, Draven continued to maintain "I’ve talked to my therapist several times about it even after I stopped being a lolicon, and he’s the one that told me it was a learned phase."[11]

Draven also continued to post sexualized images of children, such as one where the Neon Genesis Evangelion character Rei Ayanami (a clone portrayed as 14 though chronologically younger) asks the character Asuka Langley (14) if she is "riding his baloney pony" [12] or another where Puella Magi Madoka Magica characters Madoka Kaname (14) and Homura Akemi (14) have their heads in each other's underpants, which Draven commented on with the words "This is /incredibly/ sexy"[13] and later defended saying "Aside from fourteen literally not being pedophilia, their designs are ambiguous. if I see artwork like this I assume that in this specific thing they are older then they are in the series."[14] Draven was 18 years old at the time he made these posts, and the laws in his state define "sexual indecency with a child" as sexual contact between a person who is 18 and a person who is or who is represented to be less than 15 years old.[15]

More recently, Draven posted an image of the character of Shinji Ikari (14) from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion[16], and followed it with the comment "I almost think I should start tagging whenever Shinji is in a 02 suit as Zero tmi because embarrassed crossdressing Shinji is so hot".[17] Again, Draven was 18 at the time of these posts.

In the About section of his chainsaw-witch tumblr account, Draven stated "I’m engaged to an anime character named Rip Van Winkle. When I reascend to godhood I’m going to find her and take her as my bride. I’ll also be taking Schrodinger, one of her companions, and he’ll be a mix of my boyfriend, pet, and mine and Rip’s child."[18] This was a reference to the character Schrödinger from the Hellsing anime, who takes the form of a 14 year old boy. Draven was 19 at the time.

On July 2, 2015 when advised by Something Awful user Love Love Skeleton that he should see a therapist, Draven responded "Seeing a therapist is definitely on my agenda, I used to see different people, it's just a matter of not having the money right now."[19]

On February 19, 2016, Draven posted a set of images portraying the character Sarada Uchiha from Naruto in a BDSM relationship with her biological mother Sakura, with the child Sarada acting as the dominant partner and the adult Sakura acting as an infantilized submissive whom Sarada was taking to the Academy with her for "show and tell". In the Naruto canon, Sarada graduated from the Academy at age 11, placing her at that age or younger in this depiction. Draven was 19 years old and in college at the time he posted this image to his kink tag, "#scanty tmi".[20]


Draven has found significant support from otherkin on tumblr[21], with prominent otherkin Tsu, also known as Swanblood calling pedophilia a sexual orientation, comparable to being gay or bi[22], referring to Draven's treatment as "bullying"[23], and stating outright, "I support the pedophile."[24]

Draven has also found significant support from the moderators and staff of Feral Nature, posting under the name ApocolypseMaiden.[25] This support has extended to changing some areas of the site from publicly visible to members-only after his presence on the forum became public knowledge.[26]

Draven has since found support from Seraphyna, who vouched for him on and stated "I've seen Maiden's entire forum 'evolution' if you will from 'proud pedophile' to a wiser member who has something to contribute and wants to 'get better' so to speak. A dose of real world opinions and reactions has definitely changed Maiden's conduct."[27] According to Seraphyna, "When Maiden joined a couple of forums I moderate/admin for we all agreed to see where it went and ban them if the need arose, but to otherwise not base our opinion solely on the word of someone from another site." Later, defending his presence on The Otherkin Community, Seraphyna stated "I'm not putting stock into anyone. I'm simply not condemning them based on their history in the greater community years ago. I have seen them be nothing but respectful since learning those early lessons, nor have I seen them lie since those early days. All I've seen are people who know of their early days in the community condemning them for how they mistakenly represented themself. Like I said, people can change and I do believe they deserve, in most cases, a second chance."

On April 12, 2014, Draven joined The Otherkin Community website under the name ApocolypseMaiden. He had previously joined this site on February 28, 2012, under the name TheDarkEricDraven, but was outed that same day as a self-professed pedophile and by July 15th, 2012 requested to be banned. Per The Otherkin Community's policy, his account was suspended at that time. Several members have protested his presence, but moderator Seraphyna has been adamant in shutting down such protests, including giving formal warnings to two users, Noise and Kakrikoran, who were most vocal regarding it, and banning Jarandhel Dreamsinger for "offsite harassment" for reporting it on this wiki. Site-owner Clodaus chose to support that ban, and Draven's continued presence on the board, based on Seraphyna's recommendations.

History of Bans and Ban Evasion

Despite being banned from multiple otherkin forums and chats, Draven remained active on Otherkinsight Forums where Zinergie, a global moderator, declared he had a right to vent and get support because "we are all a big family here so you should get it. No arguments."[28] This fact was made public on both tumblr and AnOtherWiki, resulting in the temporary ban of those reporting on this subject[29],[30] but ultimately resulting in Draven himself being banned.[31]

Zinergie has since posted a public response to the controversy, denying that their system or anyone at OtherkinSight ever has or will support pedophilia.[5] Meanwhile, Draven continued to serve as a moderator, under the alias ZeroRei, on the Anime Fever message board owned by another of Otherkinsight's moderators at that time, bloodmuffins.[32]

On July 31, 2012 Draven was banned from the forums. He had been banned from #Dreamhart on Mibbit for several weeks prior to that, and was preemptively banned from AnOtherWiki on August 14, 2012. A morph account, ClowCraw was blocked on August 29, 2012 and several DNSBLs were put in place to prevent further ban-evasion through TOR or other open proxies.

On August 15, 2012, Draven was banned from the Otherin Dreamwidth community by its moderator DragonWolf, who stated, "I chose to honor the community's wishes, because I felt that not doing so would bring more harm to it by introducing tension and drama. I don't, however, like the decision I had to make, because I do feel that, by turning him away, I'm only increasing his chances of actually doing something illegal."[33]

On November 10, 2012, Draven was refused access to Wulf Howl and HowlNET by their founder, Shiro. His account, ApocolypseMaiden, was deleted and his IP and email address were blacklisted from both communities. The reason for the ban is stated as "[CyberSex/Pedophilia] It is not in our interests to allow a self-identified pedophile to connect to our network.". Shiro has stated that pedophiles, practicing or not, are not permitted on either community.

On December 31, 2012, Draven was banned from Werelist where he had registered under the name ApocolypseMaiden.

On October 5, 2013, Draven was banned from where he had registered under the name ApocolypseMaiden.[34]

On January 29, 2016, Draven created a morph account on AnOtherWiki named SixtySix[35][36] at 2:27pm EST and attempted to vandalize the article about Jarandhel Dreamsinger, replacing the photograph of Dreamsinger with a pornographic image.[37] The morph account and associated IP were banned, and the vandalism reverted, by 2:31pm EST. Draven posted a screenshot of this vandalism on his tumblr account at 2:35pm EST.[38] On February 5, 2015 Draven repeated this act with a morph account named ASpiritDrifting and was automatically banned by the AbuseFilter plugin.[39]

On May 31, 2016, Draven contacted Shiro Ulv via his personal website asking to be allowed to participate on Kinmunity. This request was denied. Draven then continued to harass Shiro via Tumblr's ask system until he was blocked.


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