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Status Current
Community used by Otherkin
Synonyms Mediakin, Otakukin, Otakin

Fictionkin, also known as Mediakin and Otakukin and rarely Otakin are members of the otherkin community whose identity as otherkin stems from something generally considered fictional: specific characters, invented species, or fictional worlds. An otherkin identifying as Legolas from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings would qualify as Fictionkin, as would someone claiming to be an Ecthros from Madeline L'Engle's works, even if that specific Ecthros was never mentioned in the books.

There has been some debate within the community regarding whether fictionkin who identify as fictional characters who are themselves human should be considered otherkin or not. For example, a fictionkin who identified as Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. While this debate has never been completely settled, generally such persons are accepted within the community on the basis that humans from those fictional worlds are most likely socially and culturally distinct from humans here on earth and would have many of the same experiences as more traditionally nonhuman otherkin.

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