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Coined by Torin
Status Current
Date coined April 18, 1990
Alternative forms Otherkind
Part of Speech noun
Community used by otherkin
Antonyms Mundanes

A Septegram, used by some as a symbol for otherkin.
Otherkin Emblem created by Kaltezar

Otherkin is a term for those who believe that they are mentally, spiritually, or physically other than human.[1] First appearing in use on the Internet on April 18, 1990, the word was coined when a member of The Elfinkind Digest, Torin, "got tired of typing elf/dragon/orc/etc.-kin and just used otherkin" as shorthand.[2]

It is generally believed that otherkin are born, not made. However, otherkin are not generally born with an awareness of their nonhuman nature. Instead they become aware of it through a process known as awakening.[3]

There are a variety of common kintypes including elves, dragons, fae, angels, demons, satyrs, and others.

In the media

Main article: List of Otherkin Media Appearances

Otherkin first entered the mainstream media in February 2001 when they were featured in an article in the Village Voice.[4] Since then, they have appeared in other articles, including a 2009 article in the Michigan Daily which conflated otherkin with furries.[5]

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