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Jarandhel Dreamsinger

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Jarandhel Dreamsinger
Other names Jarin
Date of birth February 6, 1981
Kintype Elf, among other things.
Vamptype Donor (Sanguinarian)
Location Alexandria, Virginia USA
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Jarandhel Dreamsinger (born 1981) is the founder of AnOtherWiki and He is also an amateur photographer, a hobbyist jeweler, and a rockhound.

Entrance into the Community

Jarandhel first entered the Otherkin community on May 1st, 1999. He first stumbled upon The Guardian Grimoires which mentioned the word otherkin. Searching for information about this word led him first to Synesthesia Symbiosis and soon to the Otherkin Resource Center. From there, he soon made his way to #tirnanoc and became a regular. The following month, he attended his first gather: Walking the Thresholds 2, where he also became a regular until 2008.

Recent Developments

In addition to founding AnOtherWiki, Jarandhel moderates the mailing lists Angelkin, Candle Light, SpaceElves, VorjenHunting, and WanderingPaths, the #dreamhart IRC channel, and maintains He is also the current webmaster for and the House Eclipse website.