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Moderator(s) Jarandhel Dreamsinger
Status Active
Slogan Hunting for knowledge of the Vor’jen.
Launch date June 23, 1999
Message count 167 on Google Groups
Users 34
Average traffic Low
Subject Vor'jen, Corruption, Darkfire, Unmaking, etc.

VorjenHunting is an otherkin oriented mailing list dealing with Corruption, UnLife, Taint, Darkfire, and related topics. This is a concept half-remembered by diverse individuals within the Otherkin community and is still being explored. This list was first created by Jarandhel Dreamsinger under the name Vorgenhunting in June, 1999 using the Onelist service which would eventually become Yahoo Groups. After several years of activity, traffic on the list died down and it was deleted. Only a handful of messages from the original list have still been preserved. Eventually, on February 5, 2005, the list was recreated on Google Groups with the corrected spelling and remains there through the present.

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