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Logo by Arhúaine
Author(s) Jarandhel Dreamsinger
Status Active
Launch date October 12, 2000
Genre Community resource
Archive was an otherkin community website created by Tirl Windtree in October 2000. It long served as one of the central hubs for the otherkin community by listing mailing lists, websites, essays, a directory of otherkin, and other resources. In later years it was not updated as frequently and seemed to have waned somewhat in popularity. It remained, however, an integral part of the community and one of the most easily recognized sites among both new and old members of the community.

The logo, the rainbow celtic septegram created by Arhúaine, has become widely identified with the otherkin community itself.

On July 13th, 2016, after being personally contacted by Windtree, Jarandhel Dreamsinger took over ownership of the site. A new version of the site was launched by Dreamsinger on September 9, 2016 preserving much, if not all, of the previous content.

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