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See the article about Jarandhel Dreamsinger.
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I'm the Admin here. I'll expand this page as I find time.

To Do

  • Add more vampire community resources - so far, a lot of OVC jargon appears on the wiki, but few resources. That needs to be evened out.
  • Start articles on persons in the community - so far the only ones we have are people who represent safety issues for the community or people who have added articles about themselves. In the interest of an objective point of view it may be best for me to work on articles about people I do not have a relationship, positive or negative, with.
  • Continue adding elven language entries to the jargon section. This is particularly important now that Estara's website is gone and with it the Elenari Dictionary.
  • Add entries for other remembered languages - druatch, etc.
  • Renew my searches for forums, chats, community blogs, etc. There are always new ones popping up, and with the current state of google alerts I can't be sure I'm finding them as they're created. Nor that word of mouth will reach me.
  • Focus on non-English forums, chats, etc as much as possible - it was suggested that I am not as aware of them as I should be. Unfortunately this is a challenge as I really only speak English fluently, my German is so rusty as to be nearly useless.
  • Expand the kintypes section further.
  • Add more community history items. The people who were influential but aren't around anymore. The websites and forums and lists that used to play a major role but few have even heard of today. The gathers that used to be held. Show the community as it was, and as it is, and let people see the difference for themselves.
  • Make articles for all the items mentioned in the pop culture section of this old version of the Otherkin wikipedia article:
  • Figure out if [1] should be included in the wiki - it may set a precedent that any story commissioned by/for a member of the community or written by a member of the community should get its own wiki article, and I'm not sure that's desirable.