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Otherkinsight Forums

Author(s) Administrators:
* Salix
* Alynna Trypnotk
Global Moderators:
* Kairen
* Damarus
Status Defunct
Launch date April 9, 2012
End Date November 5, 2014
Genre Forum

A general otherkin forum, claiming to provide a friendly but serious environment and attempting to avoid fluff, elitism, and drama. It's name comes from combining the words "otherkin" and "insight".


This forum previously displayed an acceptance of a self-professed "proud pedophile", TheDarkEricDraven[1], which brought its claim of avoiding drama into question. Admins were quick to ban those who reported on the pedophile's activities on their site, while doing nothing about the pedophile himself.[2],[3]

Since then, Draven has been banned from their forums and the accounts of those who reported on his activities have been unbanned, with a request that further information about their forum not be "leaked".[4] One of their mods at the time, Zinergie, posted a public response to the controversy denying that their system or anyone at OtherkinSight ever has or will support pedophilia.[5] Meanwhile, Draven continued to serve as a moderator, under the alias ZeroRei, on the Anime Fever message board owned by another of Otherkinsight's moderators at that time, bloodmuffins.[6]

On December 31, 2012, Salix of Otherkinsight re-blocked Jarandhel Dreamsinger for reporting on TheDarkEricDraven's activities on other sites, claiming that such reporting constituted stalking, spying, and constituted a danger to Otherkinsight's members. Also cited was Dreamsinger's refusal to rewrite this article to be more favorable to Otherkinsight. On September 11, 2013 this ban was lifted due to the intervention of new moderator Damarus who determined that it had been based on the misapprehension that the reported information was still coming from OtherkinSight rather than from other forums. Around the same time, bloodmuffins was removed as a moderator on grounds of extended inactivity.

Merger with Therian Discovery

On December 10, 2012 Therian Discovery Dot Org ceased to exist as an independent entity and was integrated with Otherkinsight.

#Otherkinsight IRC Channel

Otherkinsight hosts official chats in the #Otherkinsight IRC channel on the Wolfnet IRC Network on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM Central, and Saturday nights at 7:00 PM Central, though the channel is open to visitors at all times.


On October 20, 2014, Salix announced that Otherkinsight would be closing on the week of November 2nd, 2014.[7] In a post announcing the reasons for the closure, Salix stated: "Members have been extremely disrespectful to other members and consistently breaking rules. Moderators are having difficulty maintaining the peace, as am I." and "I am left with the difficult choice of either banning quite a few members or shutting down the site completely. Considering my other priorities, with a heavy heart, I choose to close down the site."[8]


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