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Feral Nature

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Feral Nature
Author(s) Sharden
Status Defunct
Slogan A place where those who identify as Otherkin, Therian, or any assortment of non-human beings can come together.
Launch date May 28, 2012
Genre general otherkin and therian

Feral Nature was a message board attempting to serve as a safe space for otherkin, therians and other non-human beings to come together and find others like themselves.


Feral Nature was one of the last otherkin forum or groups on which TheDarkEricDraven was known to still be active, under the name ApocalypseMaiden. He had received significant support from Kai, also known as Felkes, who acted as a global moderator there.[1] He had also received support from Sharden, the site administrator, including changing some areas of the site from publicly visible to members-only after his presence on the forum became public knowledge.[2]


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