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There's weird, and then there's Otherkin

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There's weird, and then there's Otherkin
Media type New media article
Release date December 21, 2008
Creator Dylan Otto Krider

There's weird, and then there's Otherkin is an article about otherkin written by Dylan Otto Krider for It takes the attitude that "This is one of those things that goes beyond mockery. It kind of satirizes itself. Yet, I think it needs to be said that perhaps the main reason Otherkin get exercised at the suggestion that this is simply wish-fulfillment, imagining one might actually have come from an appealing fantasy world, is that it's true." It includes links and excerpts from several sites including Otherkin Alliance, Harmony & Discord and the Livejournal Otherkin Community. Oddly, it also makes reference to the Otherkin Resource Center despite that website having been defunct for six years at the time the article was written, stating "And another small thing: if fiction isn't so influential, you might consider renaming the Otherkin Resource Center (ORC) because Orcs are a Tolkien creation."

This article became the start of a series of articles by Krider referring to otherkin: