Otherkin speak past the grave

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Otherkin speak past the grave
Media type New media article
Release date December 23, 2008
Creator Dylan Otto Krider
Publisher Examiner.com
URL http://www.examiner.com/article/otherkin-speak-past-the-grave

Otherkin speak past the grave is an article about otherkin written by Dylan Otto Krider for Examiner.com. It is a follow-up to Krider's earlier article There's weird, and then there's Otherkin. In it, Krider stated that his article had not been intended as a news article, that it was "more like a blog", and claimed that he had given Otherkin a chance to speak in the original article by quoting from otherkin websites. He continued: "What upsets them, I think, is that these quotes were what Otherkin say to other Otherkin when they think no one's listening (thus, the cries about not asking permission) rather than getting a chance to spin me for a mainstream audience. Here's their chance to do so." He then posted quotes from a series of comments he had received on the first article, by otherkin.