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WoW, a new religion?

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WoW, a new religion?
Media type New media article
Release date February 24, 2009
Creator Dylan Otto Krider

WoW, a new religion? is an article about a University of Colorado student, Theo Zijderveld, who was doing post-graduate work on whether or not the MMO World of Warcraft could be considered a religion. It was written by Dylan Otto Krider for In the article, Krider interviews Zijderveld and asks him his opinion on otherkin and otakukin. Zijderveld's response was "[M]aybe they are comparable to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I doubt whether they can be called a religion... Is there a real 'community'? Do they have things that can be called rituals? Well, it of course all depends on the definition of religion you take…”