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Hello, Wnt! Welcome to AnOtherWiki! I'm Jarandhel Dreamsinger, the admin here, and I hope you enjoy what you've seen so far. There are some resources to help get you started at the community portal. If you have any questions feel free to start a new topic on my talk page, or at the help desk, or come chat with folks in the IRC channel. Actually, do that last one even if you don't have any questions, we love to meet new people! *grins*

-- Jarandhel (talk) 06:58, 30 July 2013 (UTC)


Wnt, I want to apologize, it seems you ran afoul of one of our automated abuse filters and were banned because of it. I've removed that ban now. We've had some problems with vandalism so we've put in place an abuse filter that blocks new accounts (younger than a certain age) if an article, talk page, or user page they edit contains the term "pedophile" in its new version. The theory was that users that new to the wiki are unlikely to have anything positive to contribute to the legitimate discussion of pedophiles in the community (like Draven) and were likely to be using the word for trolling and shock value, as previous troll Dan (troll) did. In this case that assumption seems to have been in error. I believe I'll modify the filter now so that it only flags the edit on that particular word rather than automatically banning.

I should note, however, that I'm going to have to delete your article Concept:Multiple temporal dimensions. I'm going to edit some of the wiki policy pages to clarify what might not have been apparent (you're the second user to make this mistake) but AnOtherWiki is really not a place for personal essays or theories about otherkin. AnOtherWiki is not a website provider or blog provider. What we're going for is really a blend of encyclopedic content and journalism documenting our community. If "Multiple temporal dimensions" was a concept or terminology embraced by a large number of otherkin, you could report on that (preferably with references/links) but developing and promoting the idea here is really beyond the scope of the wiki. I hope that won't dissuade you from continuing to participate here.

-- Jarandhel (talk) 13:19, 30 July 2013 (UTC)


(I'm putting this under a new heading in case the content of the preceding sets off the filter)

It looks like my edit was lost, so I will say only very briefly (hoping not to set anything else off) that I found out about the existence of your Wiki and this curious set of ideas behind it after stumbling across mention of the above-mentioned individual at [1]. You might encounter some other folks with a smidge of trollen blood stumbling in from this source. You might also bemuse yourself reading [2] for a similar case with similar arguments. Wikis follow parallel connectives (my term for what I think you call Flows) and they tend to undergo remarkably parallel development...

I'm surprised to see you restricting content to a consensus. Where does this consensus come from, who defines it? I'd never have guessed you would have developed an "orthodoxy", but unfortunately, it leaves me incompetent to do much here. Between this restriction, the very difficult "capchas", and getting deleted on the second edit and autobanned on the third, I'm afraid my aspirations here are sinking fast. Wnt (talk) 23:04, 30 July 2013 (UTC)

Actually, your edit was not lost - I added it to the Talk Page myself after the abuse filter's block was identified as a false positive. [3]. You're not the first user here from ED, nor likely to be the last.
Orthodoxy isn't quite the word, the otherkin community is a mess of conflicting belief systems - possibly more so than ever - but it's as possible to develop a consensus about the community itself and the jargon, people, and beliefs found within it as it is for the folks over on wikifur to develop one about the furry community despite that community not having an orthodoxy or being in any way homogenous.
You found the catchas difficult? I thought that most, if not all, of them were covered by facts in the Did You Know? section linked from (and partially displayed on) the main page, and represented fairly basic knowledge of the otherkin community. The captchas also go away entirely once one's email address is confirmed. -- Jarandhel (talk) 00:35, 31 July 2013 (UTC)
Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention - you should tell the folks over at ED that there's material on Draven on ED already: [4] -- Jarandhel (talk) 07:39, 1 August 2013 (UTC)
Thanks for the tip - I indeed did forget to set an email address. With the capchas I hadn't known where to look for answers; some led interesting places but not even searching was able to answer the one about what the short form of your name is.
I had not realized that the otherkin idea had been around so long.[5] I tend to look at this from a different perspective, as a method of mapping previous versions of the universe (while I would describe it a bit differently on my own, this pretty much matches the postulated origin of otherkin in Matrix Reloaded). It would be useful though to find some more active forum where I could more rapidly pepper people with lots of odd questions. :) For example, whether recollections of otherkin worlds are interspersed with mundane incarnations as humans and animals, whether their recollections include the Pure Light of the Void, the relative sequence of underwater and land-based otherkin memories, etc. Wnt (talk) 14:57, 3 August 2013 (UTC)