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The Non-Human Soul

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The Non-Human Soul
Author(s) Sylver
Status Active
Launch date September 20, 2013
Genre spiritual otherkin

The Non-Human Soul is a message board for otherkin, therians, and real vampires who identify as such for spiritual reasons. Otherkin and therians who blend mental and spiritual explanations are also welcome, but the forum does not accept pure psychological otherkin unless they are able to answer this challenge:

How do you know your [sic] actually otherkin/therian and not tricking or convincing yourself that you are something that you are not. (Stuff like "I just do" is not acceptable, no cop-out is accepted).

The board describes itself as "old school"[1] in this regard, and claims that "No mentalkin has ever answeared this question before, so if someone does and does it well... we applaud you."[2]


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