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SF Bay Otherkin Meetup

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SF Bay Otherkin Meetup
Organizer(s) Arethinn
Status Active
Location San Francisco Bay area, California USA
Next held on August 12, 2018
First held on October 15, 2011
Last held on July 14, 2018
Setting varies around the East, South, and North Bay and Peninsula
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SF Bay Otherkin Meetup is a monthly otherkin meetup hosted by Arethinn in the San Francisco Bay, CA, area. The meetup is primarily social in nature, and is usually held at a local coffee shop or park, rotating through various locations around the bay. The meetups alternate between the second Saturday and the second Sunday of the month.

A special annual meetup is also held at PantheaCon on Presidents' Day weekend, usually on Saturday, if Arethinn and Celebron are able to book a room at the convention hotel. The room number is announced after Arethinn and Celebron check into the hotel. It is not necessary to attend PantheaCon itself to attend this meetup. The PantheaCon meetup supersedes the regular February meetup if they would occur on the same weekend.

There are currently no required dues to attend the regular meetup, although donations are appreciated at the annual PantheaCon meetup for the food, drink, and swag.

Following the September 10, 2016 meetup, this group moved from to a private announcement list hosted on Arethinn's domain.

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