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Other names Eshari
Date of birth 1978
Kintype Sidhe and/or faery, with dragonishness sometimes
Location South San Francisco Bay, California United States
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Arethinn (in full Arethinn na'eleth aTinderel) organized the gather MythiCalia, runs the SF Bay Otherkin Meetup on[1], is the current owner of the otherkin community on LiveJournal[2], and is a moderator of the regional Yahoo group WestKin[3].

Entrance into the community

Arethinn awoke when she encountered the online otherkin community in May 1998. She stumbled on the wyldefae email list, run by Terry Sindar and sade wolfkitten, after a period of several months searching online for dark elves and similar things. She has been active in the community since then, participating in numerous forums and attending and organizing gathers and meetups.

History in the community

Arethinn has been on many lists and boards both active and defunct, including TirNanOc and its associated IRC channel #tirnanoc, Elven Realities, KinFrontiers, SidheList, Embracing Mystery, Otherkin Alliance, Otherkin Phenomena, Otherkin Community, the message boards, the regional lists WestKin and Nor_Cal_Otherkin, the otherkin communities on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, and the #otherkin tag on tumblr. She attended Walking the Thresholds from 1999-2003 and in 2005, Kinvention North from 2000-2005, and Company of Others in 2007. She organized MythiCalia from 2005-2012 and Feywood in 2011. She is also the organizer for the SF Bay Otherkin Meetup on[4], which she has been running in its current incarnation since September 2011, and for which she was also the organizer in approximately 2003-2005, when it was called the Santa Clara County Otherkin Meetup.

Other names

Arethinn was known by several names in her early days in the community, including Mhirathkia (or M'kia), a name she now associates with a particular dragon lifetime, and descriptors like vixen or wish. In the fall of 1999 she began using the name Eshari (or Eshari Starling) alongside others, and by early 2000 was using it exclusively. She began using the name Arethinn in 2008, feeling that Eshari had been "itching" for some time and did not quite fit anymore. She is also known by the username silveth on tumblr[5], although she does not use that as a personal name.