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Oh hai!

Lemme talk here about my kin type, since I thought it wasn't quite appropriate for the actual wiki page on me, but I don't want to lose the text.

I primarily identify as sidhe and/or faery. I do not consider these terms to be interchangeable (nor the same as elves or Tuatha de Danann), but I'm not sure which one is more accurate for me, or if both may apply. In the past I have also identified as a dragon, specifically a kind called a stardragon which can also be considered a type of celestial. Although it is no longer my primary identification, I do believe I have had several dragon lives and they occasionally come through more strongly. I also recall having been a few other kin types, such as a unicorn and a sort of tree-spirit, but I do not associate identity as such with these existences, considering them simply past/other lives without much effect on me here and now.

Since I apparently can't have more than one entry per site in the infobox, I'll mention here that I also have accounts on LJ and DW under the name shyfoxling, which is the username I use in Harry Potter fandom. I'm a big Potter nerd, amongst a few other types of geekery.