Embracing Mystery

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Embracing Mystery
Author(s) MemoryandDream
Status Active
Genre General Otherkin, Metaphysical

Embracing Mystery: The Light, The Dark, The Grey

This site and it's message board are a resource for otherkin, magick users, curious, and those wishing to learn. A place of information and learning on everything from angels to ghosts, to psychic ability and more.

Embracing Mystery was founded by MemoryandDream, and is still owned by her. The original incarnation was on EZBoard, but the forum contents were lost when EZBoard was hacked in 2005. At that time, it was moved to its own domain, embracingmystery.org.

The site contains articles, but the main draw was the forums.

Embracing Mystery was a fairly high traffic site for many years, but traffic has declined in the last few years, as it has for many websites.