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Posthum/an/ous: Identity, Imagination, and the Internet

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Posthum/an/ous: Identity, Imagination, and the Internet
Media type Academic work
Release date May 01, 2010
Creator Eric Stephen Altman
Publisher Appalachian State University
Archive Archive

Posthum/an/ous: Identity, Imagination, and the Internet is a thesis written by Eric Stephen Altman and presented in May 2010 at Appalachian State University. The thesis is an examination of furries, otherkin, and otakukin as Internet subcultures and specifically as fandoms with the past life memories of otherkin (in particular the Elenari) described as "fan fiction".

The thesis shows relatively little understanding of the groups studied, with kintypes seen as directly equivalent to fursonas, though with mythical creatures rather than anthropomorphic animals. No knowledge of the therian subculture is displayed by the author though vampires are mentioned briefly. The otakukin community is also understood by the author as an entity unto itself, rather than as part of the existing otherkin community. The author also claims that "Furries, Otherkin, and Otakukin all possess a subculture that is highly sexualized and invested in producing and consuming pornographic fiction."