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The Elenari are a group of elven otherkin.[1] Their memories of their elven lives have common elements of history, culture, and language which set them apart as a distinct group. One particular cultural concept remembered by many Elenari is Des'tai.

Elenari homeworlds

The Elenari remember lives on a number of worlds or realms, including Sel'ar, Aelveron, Elphame, Brightmoon, Faery, and the Charonish Domains. While the term Elenari is generally reserved for this cultural group of elves, other intelligent creatures such as fae, dragons, unicorns, windigo, humans, and dwarves are also native to some of the Elenari homeworlds.

The meaning of Elenari

The word "Elenari" was derived from Tolkien's Elvish, and translates almost literally to "the Elven people of the stars." This name was adopted because the Elenari aren’t certain what name or names they called themselves in their own language at different points in time. However, the name does have meaning in the remembered Tulari language, where "elen" means "elf" and "friend," with connotations of being from or of the stars, and "ari" means "(a) people." [2],[3]


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