Otherkin Awakening via Reiki

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Otherkin Awakening via Reiki
Author(s) Iniach
Status Active
Launch date September 3, 2002
Genre hoax

Otherkin Awakening via Reiki is a page created by an early otherkin community troll going variously by the names Iniach or Tassadar. The site pretends to be a memorial page for Eyovah, a member of the otherkin community who died in early 2000, while spreading a hoax story of Eyovah as an otherkin messiah who either died or disappeared but who will return one day. The site also lays the blame for Eyovah's "disappearance" on Eyovah's brother Rialian. Iniach created this page after Rialian banned him from the mailing list Elven Realities.