Northern Virginia Otherkin Meetup

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Northern Virginia Otherkin Meetup
Status Defunct
Location Merrifield, Virginia USA
Average Attendees varies
Next held on November 8, 2014
First held on June 4, 2009
Last held on February 22, 2014
Setting varies
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Northern Virginia Otherkin Meetup is a monthly restaurant meetup or munch for otherkin, vampires, and therians. It was originally organized by Raven Sabo of House Eclipse at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax, Virginia on one Friday a month but eventually went defunct due to lack of attendance. On September 3, 2012 it was re-started by Jarandhel Dreamsinger and is currently held monthly on Saturdays at several local restaurants.

The meetup planned for October 11th, 2014 was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. The next meetup will be on November 8th at Curry Mantra 3 on Cedar Lane in Vienna, Virginia. The meetup begins at roughly 6pm, though allowances can be made for those arriving late. Attendees are requested to RSVP with the organizer.

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