Nonhuman National Park

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Nonhuman National Park
Author(s) Co-Owners:
House of Chimeras
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Status Active
Launch date May 11, 2021
Genre Forum

Nonhuman National Park is an online ProBoards forum for nonhumans, alterhumans, plurals, and anyone else who wishes to discuss topics around or related to such identities and experiences. The forum was created with ideals of cross-community dialogue and barn raising in mind, to help better create an inclusive and resourceful community culture. This is reflected in how the forum is divided, as its boards are separated by subject matter and broader experiences rather than identity or community label. Nonhuman National Park takes a custodial approach to moderation, inspired by the moderation style of the Werelist forum, and is rated PG-13.


Due to its PG-13 rating, Nonhuman National Park has explicitly banned the discussion of bestiality and has restricted all discussion of paraphilias, including zoophilia, to restricted-access 18+ sections of the forum. The forum has also stated that individuals which advocate for the legalization of bestiality or "zoosexual rights," or who have engaged in bestiality, are not welcome on the forum.[1] While largely supported by users of the forum, leadership of The Therian Guide has publicly criticized this stance, calling it "hate-mongering and disinformation"[2] and saying that it "evidences glaring prejudice."[3]


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