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Date of birth 1997
Kintype Canine psychopomp
Location ???, Florida USA
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Who-is-Page (born 1997) is a canine psychopomp folcintera who has been active in the otherkin and alterhuman community since 2014. He is one of five members of the Sol System, and considers himself an artist, writer, and scholar of religion. He is a co-founder of the Nonhuman National Park.

Entrance into the Community

Who-is-Page first found the otherkin community in 2014 on Tumblr. He spent the next six months researching and reading through articles, essays, and comics before becoming a more active participant himself. He has been active on-and-off in various alterhuman, otherkin, and therian communities since.

History in the Community

Who-is-Page was originally involved in the otherkin community largely on Tumblr, Discord, and Facebook. He joined the Werelist, Kinmunity, and Castle Otherkin in 2015, and The Therian Guide forum in 2020. He is also a member of the Fictionkind Dreamwidth.

From 2019 and onwards, Who-is-Page and the other members of the Sol System have written a number of essays on both their personal identities and experiences, as well as their perspectives on aspects of the alterhuman, otherkin, and therian communities on their website Three Dragons and a Dog. He and his systemmates have also written for the Radiant Obscurities project and for Project Shift, and conducted the 2021 Nonhumanity & Body Modification/Decoration Survey.

In 2020, Who-is-Page also started the webcomic series Shenani-kins, based around alterhuman experiences.

He attended both OtherCon and AlterCon in 2020, and attended OtherCon in 2021 as both an artist and a panelist, with his lecture "Anti-Otherkin: A Symptom of a Greater Problem". In 2021 Who-is-Page and his systemmates released two alterhuman-inspired TTRPGs: A Wolf in Man's Clothing, and Hidden Dragon, Anxious Townsfolk. They also won National Novel Writing Month in 2021 with their less-than-cleverly titled "The Sol System’s Alterhuman Writing Project," hosted on Tumblr under the tag #inkedpaws, with a series of 26 alterhuman literary pieces.

Who-is-Page is best known in the otherkin community for accidentally coining the term "copinglinker" in 2015. He later coined the term "folcintera" in 2021 to refer to his own nonhuman identity.

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