Weekly Otherkin Chat - Tuesday, May 17, 2022.
Our weekly otherkin chat will take place tonight, at 8pm Eastern. We hope you'll consider joining us for this online meet-up. You can join through Discord by following this link.

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Hey there, I'm Page! I'm a folcintera from Florida. I'm an artist, writer, and scholar of religion.

To Do

  • Create the page Alterhuman
  • Create the page Copinglinker/Otherlinker
  • Create the page KFF?
  • Create the page Otherhearted
  • Create the page Endel (or ask BabyDog to do it.)
  • Create the page for the Alterhuman Unity Flag.
  • Create the page Fictionflicker.
  • Create the page Fictherian (or ask Jasper to do it.)
  • Create the page OtherCon
  • Create the page Alterhuman Advocacy Group
  • Create the page Freedom of Form Foundation
  • Create the page AlterCon
  • Create the page Shining Hearth
  • Create the page Wolf(2021)
  • Create the page Draconic Summit?
  • Create the page The Machine's Soul
  • Bully (affectionate) Jasper & friends into making pages for their websites
  • Update Werelist snippet (...potentially add controversy section with recent backlash...?)
  • Add Phytanthrope image to Phytanthrope page.