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Author(s) Gazer
Status Active
Slogan Journals for Otherkin
Launch date October 1995
Genre Journaling

TirNanOc is a journaling website for otherkin, powered by B2Evolution. It is run by Gazer.


TirNanOc started out in 1995 as a digest email list for elves and otherkin and anyone else interested in and friendly to such. At this time, it was run by Tiernan. Between then and December 1998 it grew to encompass a website, a webring, an IRC channel, and a second list entitled TNODungeon. TirNanOc was, at one time, the largest and most active otherkin mailing list.

On May 1st, 2000 the classic TirNanOc website, mailing lists, and IRC channel were dissolved for personal reasons. After a brief hiatus, they resumed on May 24th, 2000, with some changes. Eventually, they became defunct again and the site was turned over to Gazer in December 20001. Gazer made it first into a reviews site, followed in July 2003 by a journaling site powered by GeekLog, and finally on June 9, 2008 it was updated into its current form. Existing journals were lost in the upgrade, and today the site is largely unused though technically still open to the public.