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Author(s) Naia Okami
Status Active
Launch date December 2014
Genre Community resource

Kinmunity is an online community and resource website for otherkin, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, the other individuals who have non-human identities. It replaced the now-defunct Wulf Howl in 2014. The site contains both resource and community sections.


Kinmunity was initially founded to to be both a resource hub and friendly community for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires. As time went on, the site grew to support various other identities within the alterhuman community, including but not limited to: fictionkin, plural systems, the other-hearted and animal-hearted, soulbonders, and copinglinkers.

Site Layout

Community Features

  • Forums - Kinmunity's forums are organized in the usual way; nodes called forums contain topics, which in turn contain comments. they have forums dedicated to a wide variety of topics of interest to the communities we serve, as well as those for general discussion.
  • Clubs - Users on Kinmunity can create their own mini-communities called Clubs, very similar to "Groups" on large social networking sites.
  • KinSpots - KinSpots are markers on a world map that correspond to the approximate locations of Kinmunity members. Members can post, edit, and share them.
  • Gallery - Image gallery focusing on artwork and photography.
  • Blogs - Members of Kinmunity can host their blog on-site.
  • Discord Server - Kinmunity has a Discord chat server available for use by members only.
  • KinCash - Users of Kinmunity earn a digital currency called bones for contributing to the site, which they can then use to buy digital extras.


  • Library - Kinmunity's library contains various articles regarding the non-human community that are authored by both staff and users.
  • Calendar - Kinmunity's calendar allows Kinmunity members to see, plan, and request RSVPs to events.
  • Links Directory - Kinmunity's links directory provides links to other resources.


Kinmunity was first founded as Wulf Howl by Naia in 2011. On November 25th 2014, Wulf Howl's Facebook page was updated with a message indicating that its server hosting provider terminated its account without notice and that a server move and restore from backup would be attempted. On November 27th 2014, Naia announced that they had lost access to the decryption key in order to restore Wulf Howl's backup and that the site would be rebuilt from scratch. On December 26th 2014, Wulf Howl's Facebook page announced that Wulf Howl would be rebranded to Kinmunity and that the new site was now accepting members. Naia has stated that they retain copies of the backup key for the new site in multiple locations.


Kinmunity is administrated by its founder, Naia Okami. Kinmunity's staff team consists of volunteer moderators called Guardians.

Closure and Reopening

In a post on social media, it was announced on July 18th, 2018, that “Kinmunity has ceased operations and to ensure the utmost security, all associated data has been destroyed”. On September 25, 2018 a new version of Kinmunity was opened for public beta. After a beta period, Kinmunity 2.0 went live on 02/01/2019.

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