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Coined by unknown
Status Current
Date coined unknown
Alternative forms Multiple, Plural, Plurality
Part of Speech * noun: "Multiplicity involves sharing a body with other minds/spirits." or "We are a multiple."
* adjective': "We are multiple." or "We are a multiple system."
Community used by multiplicity
Synonyms Host, Split
Antonyms Singleton

Multiplicity is the experience of having more than one mind, soul, consciousness, or similar concepts inhabiting a single body. This can include clinical disorders such as Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly the more familiar Multiple Personality Disorder), but many who have this experience feel that their multiplicity is natural for them or that, having been successfully used to survive trauma, it is not inherently disordered. This has lead to the creation of the Healthy Multiplicity or Empowered Multiplicity community, which tries to counter traditional psychiatric thinking which states that integration should be the goal for multiples.

It is a common experience for multiples to have headmates who are nonhuman. This has led to significant overlap with the otherkin community.

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