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Coined by unknown
Status Current
Date coined unknown
Part of Speech * noun: "I am a host." or "We are a host."
* verb: "I am hosting my headmate Dan." or "I am host to several walk-ins."
Community used by multiplicity, otherkin

Host is a term used in several different ways.

In the multiplicity community, which originated it, it is used to refer to the original mind or personality present in the body at birth or to the main fronter. In this sense, it is linguistically used in the sense of someone acting as a host or hostess to guests.

In the otherkin community, it is used to refer to a multiple system occupied by one or more entities, generally nonhuman, with no relationship to the body - aka walk-ins - and is linguistically used in the sense of a multitude, as in the poetic phrase "the faery host".

Some otherkin hosts combine the two meanings, however, and use hosting to refer to a sort of long-term channeling of "guest" or walk-in entities.