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Coined by Nalissi
Status Current
Date coined ~1997
Alternative forms Glamourbomb, glamourbombs
Community used by Otherkin
Antonyms glitterbombing

Glamourbombing is a term for a magical practice originating in the otherkin community which attempts to convince sleeping humans of the reality of magic, the supernatural, the divine, faerie, and similar subjects and in so doing weaken The Veil which separates this world from other worlds and prevents physical magic from working here.

From the Glamourbombing FAQ by Nalissi: "The concept of GB was born out of the idea that the veil which separates "magical" reality from "ordinary" reality is an illusion. Most people uphold this illusion as truth, a perception which dulls the ability to see and experience the magic and sentience of the natural world."

The term and general concept originated on the Darkfae-L mailing list sometime in or around 1997 and was in part inspired by Hakim Bey's essay on Poetic Terrorism.

A non-magical variant, generally termed glitterbombing exists which generally focuses on "random acts of wonder" without regard to their effect on the veil. Though, in some occult communities outside of the otherkin community, this term has been used to refer to the original concept of glamourbombing as well.

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