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Coined by Syleniel
Status Current
Community used by Elenari
Synonyms The Corruption,Anti-Life, Nethmeri, Nethmeren, Shadows (Elenari), Furies, Incomprehensibles, Vaurkala, UnLife

Vor'jen is a remembered word in the Elenari language meaning "Corrupt". In practice it could mean a specific race of shapeshifting panthers whom the Elenari were at war with and whom they believed to have fallen prey to the Corruption, any race or individual who had become Corrupted, or to the Corruption itself.

Beings who became vor'jen would gradually become twisted parodies of themselves, losing their individuality and becoming part of a hive mind. A few personalities were strong enough to resist complete assimilation, but this was a rare exception. Those so corrupted generally became agents of the Corruption in turn, spreading the Corruption further and destroying any resistance to it.

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