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Status Current
Community used by otherkin, vampire, therian, shared
Synonyms Poser, Wannabe

A roleplayer is someone who creates an otherkin, therian, vampire or similar identity as if they were creating a character in a roleplaying game. Fictional elements, like the animosity between werewolves and vampires found in White Wolf's World of Darkness setting may be included, or claims of fantastic abilities may be made. Certain kintypes are commonly associated with roleplayers, in particular "dark" elven otherkin using the fictional term "drow".

This term does not refer to those who play roleplaying games for fun, outside of their otherkin identities, or even to those who have used roleplaying as a vehicle to explore nonhuman identity. It refers solely to those who treat nonhuman identity as if it was such a game. It also does not refer to fictionkin, who acknowledge that their identities have ties to fictional sources but still treat their nonhuman identity in a serious manner.