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Author(s) * Falcon Darkstar Kirtaran
* Miniar
* Noise
* Mikasuliel
* Spark
* JudgeWinter
Status Defunct
Slogan This site promotes intelligent discussions. Questions will be asked but answers are not demanded.
Launch date Original version: September 2003

Ethereal Forest: February 13, 2008 Current version: Summer, 2012

End Date Original version: December 2004

Ethereal Forest: Summer, 2012

Otherhaven is a general purpose message board for otherkin, intended to promote intelligent discussion. A server failure in late 2004 took out the original message board. Four years later, the Ethereal Forest message board was started as a successor to it with many of the same members, and in the summer of 2012 the site changed its name back to the original.