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Angrian Pack

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Angrian Pack
Author(s) Alpha Magic
Status Active
Slogan Hand by hand, paw by paw, we are all united as one.
Launch date 2011
Genre general otherkin, therian

General: Angrian Pack is an international therian and otherkin group established in 2011 by Dakota, the founder and leading Alpha of the group. They identify to be a close-knit, family-like pack who contain strong bonds of trust, love, loyalty and care to each participant in the group.

  • The term 'Pack' is used loosely, majorly kept to honor the group's history; which leads Angrian to often be referred to as more of a family or group, over a Pack.

History: Angrian Pack began initially as a physical group in late 2009-2010 by the single leader, Dakota, whom originally identified as both the 'mentor' and 'leader' of the group. As Dakota's knowledge on therianthropy expanded, the group was reformed in 2011 as an official therian-only pack, titled Angrian Wolf Pack. The Pack began to take up a hierarchy structure, with many roles and ranks assigned to each member in the family. In 2012, the group began to branch out online, and formed its first website. This website contained several links, guides, videos, pack information and even a forum. Eventually, the physical pack began to experience a downfall until a close friend, and now leading member of the pack, suggested that Angrian Pack be taken up as an international group. In 2013, Angrian Pack reformed as an international group with Dakota as the Alpha, and the close friend as the Beta. For the first few months of reformation, Angrian Pack remained small with member numbers averaging from 5-6. They practiced building bonds, learning about therianthropy, and forming a name for the Pack in the therian/otherkin community. With the creation of a new website, Angrian Pack began to expand further in the community and started to accept recruits- new members- into the family. Along with this, they began to join in alliance with other therian and otherkin groups, and also partnered in community movements; which helped bring unison and friendship to many in the community. From this point, Angrian Pack has continued to grow into a strong and successful group.

Social Media: Angrian Pack currently has accounts on Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Vine, KIK, LiveJournal, Gmail, Booksie and Wattpad which are open for the Pack members to use. They work together to help manage their social medias; their most active accounts being Instagram, Google + and Tumblr. They also play multiple online video games together, and form communities on such games. The Pack maintains their close contact through mostly Google +; having multiple pack chats, PMs, text conversations, phone calls, video calls, games and live video/movie streams on Google Hangouts. The Alpha and other pack members are almost always available through Google Hangouts, and can be reached through the Pack's Google + account. They also have a Pack community for all pack information and updates available on Google Communities.

Pack Structure: The Pack contains structure through a Ranks system, which can be identified by their title and their rank powers- the jobs that come along with each rank. These ranks are split up into three different levels: Council Ranks, Member Ranks and Recruit Ranks. These ranks are taken very seriously; and while they do not hold hierarchy aside from Council Ranks- each ranked member is assigned different jobs to do to help contribute towards the pack. All ranks must be worked for by each member, and are not given; except for the beginner rank Pup which is assigned to all new members. This structure is maintained for the Pack by a set of rules. The Pack's rules are available on their website and are enforced by the Council Ranks.


  • All members of the family are nicknamed "Angrians."
  • The family is currently accepting new members. While they do have a long Recruit Process, they make sure that all recruits are prepared to join Angrian Pack. This ensures that the close family-like bonds remain. They accept members of any theriotype/kintype, from any location, any age and do not discriminate on religion or beliefs.
  • The Pack plans to meet and live together in the future.
  • They have mailed gifts back and forth before, and plan to do so more often in the future.
  • The Pack is very LGBT friendly and supportive.
  • Their website holds forums, private messaging, chat rooms, and many links of information for any who request to join. Participants of their official website do not have to be members of the actual Pack.
  • They regularly hold in-pack contests, games, projects and lessons.