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Angelkin (Mailing List)

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Angelkin logo by Mark Lockett.
Moderator(s) Owner:


Status Active
Launch date July 28, 2001
Message count 7315
Users 293
Average traffic Low
Subject Angelkin, Angelics, Celestials

Angelkin is a list for otherkin who are angels or angelic, or who have aspects which are angels or angelic. It is a place to discuss what it is to be angel-kin, to share experiences with others, or just to gripe. The angelic experience can often be dark, and discussions of this nature are welcomed. It is not a religious or "inspirational" list, nor is it a roleplaying list.


Angelkin was founded in July 2001 by Ash of Doltaghey House. She moderated it until August 13, 2002 at which time ownership of the list was taken over by one of her comods, Arashi. Ownership of the list was later passed from Arashi back to Ash at some point in 2003 or 2004. Then on June 9, 2004 Arhúaine of Doltaghey House passed ownership of the list to Lulinari and Echthros. On April 10, 2012 Echthros passed ownership of the list to Jarandhel Dreamsinger, who had previously acted as a comod under Arashi.

On Tuesday, April 17th a purge was done of the member database which removed 168 members with bouncing email accounts.