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Coined by Arhúaine
Status Current
Community used by Elenari
Synonyms Elphame

Alorya is the name of one of the remembered Elenari homeworlds. It was originally referred to by the placeholder name Elphame, prior to this name being remembered. It is believed that the name means "Land of Song".

Alorya is remembered as an earthlike world with a blue sky and one or more moons. The technology remembered is low, roughly the equivalent of medieval Europe prior to the introduction of gunpowder, as on Sel'ar. There is, however, some indication that the elves there had previously possessed higher levels of technology, comparable to that of Aelveron, and may have settled Alorya from another world. Since then they abandoned such technology, for reasons unknown, and the Endrastai enforced a ban on it.

The elves of Alorya understand their world to have been created by a dragon goddess, known simply as The World Dragon, who "sang" the world into being. Whether they can accurately be described as worshiping this being is a matter of some debate, though they did interact with her.

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