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Aldari is a term picked to fit an elven species based on the name of the capital city where they dwelt which was called Alvan’diel which loosely means “Great Haven”. They lived on a world which is currently being referred to by the placeholder name Aldar. Despite some similarities, they are not presently believed to be Elenari.

The Aldari or Star Elves were an ethereal race, that stood tall, lithe and fair of complexion. For the most part they resembled humans like most elven species, yet they had more refined, chiseled features and almond shaped eyes, which had a watery like reflective quality to them. Their eyes came in a few colours which were considered common to the species (Varying shades of blue, opal and amber). Also they almost always had alabaster skin tones/colour.

Regardless of gender all Aldari wore their hair long or tied it in a form of a braid or ponytail. Their hair came in only a few colours (Varying shades of blue, silver and black.)


The Aldari originally where a part of another species referred to as the Old Ones in history. However due to events involving a dark being referred to as the Evil Eye a great war of light against darkness was waged. For each fallen of the light created another twisted pawn for the Evil Eye. When all was thought to be lost and the great tree of the Old Ones homeland was sundered and the goddess of life thought lost an elf of Old One blood struck out the evil eye with a sacred blade that sung with each swing and thrust. The war ended with the Evil Eye being sealed away and the Old Ones were sundered and broken like their tree and their home.

Then one of Old One’s blood departed with half of what remained of the Old Ones and fled far to the north east and created sailing cities of white marble and departed the shores of the continent never to be seen again. The one of the Old One’s blood and those who went with him are those who would become the Aldari.

As for culture the Aldari were like most elves. They loved music and other arts, they spent there time on perfecting songs and art with love and devotion. They also had a high affinity for magic, considering their cities used an unknown magical power source to keep them afloat.

As for Religion the Aldari worshiped three primary deities which where said to have walked among them. They where known as: The Goddess of The Full Moon, Nature and Life; The God of Death and Order; and The God of the Oceans and Magic.

The gods had several titles which are not all known.

The Goddess was often referred to as the Maiden of the Moonlit Dawn and Death’s Beloved. While the God of Death was often referred to as the Purple Eyes of the Dead, the Shepard of the Fallen and the Judge of the Dead. The God of the Oceans was commonly referred to as the Watcher in the Deep or the Keeper of Secrets.