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Evil Eye

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Evil Eye
Coined by Alynn'nari
Status Current
Community used by Otherkin

The Evil Eye or The Eye was a dark being that plagued Aldar at least twice in history. It was at first sealed away by the hero of Old Ones blood and then later by an unknown amount of time (assumed several thousands of years) it broke free of its sealing and resumed its assault on Aldar.

It has similar qualities with the Elenari Corruption, it was known to cause chaos and corrupt the land til it was blacker than black and rotten. It also spread a deadly plague that was highly contagious. Once Infected the infected would slowly be "killed" off and then used as a puppet in a zombie like state to spread the disease further.

Infected were described in lore to be as if they were undead and devoid of self thought and with desire only to feed and spread the contagion that made them. It is currently unknown how long the incubation period is til the infection kills its host.

It is also unknown if the Eye was destroyed or resealed away.