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¿Ángeles, vampiros, elfos y animales mitológicos?

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¿Ángeles, vampiros, elfos y animales mitológicos?
Media type New media article
Release date November 16, 2012
Creator Erik Castillo Chain
Publisher Blindaje Cultural

¿Ángeles, vampiros, elfos y animales mitológicos? is a Spanish-language article by Erik Castillo Chain for the website Blindaje Cultural. It describes the otherkin, real vampire, therian, and multiplicity communities, though totems and "hybrids" are also included as part of the same phenomenon, with the latter described as being "born of the union of a man and a common otherkin". No source is cited for this information. This may be a misunderstanding of the beliefs of those who consider themselves "genetically otherkin", which is also mentioned.