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Author(s) Shiro Ulv
Status Active
Launch date December 2014
Genre Community resource

Kinmunity is an online community and resource website for otherkin, therianthropes, The Other-Hearted, vampires, and other individuals whom have non-human identities. It replaces the now-defunct Wulf Howl. The site is primarily centered around its library and forums, but also contains unique features such as; KinSpots (a map of nearby otherkin), live chat and user-to-user instant messaging, member-run blogs, and social groups. Like its predecessor, it is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere and wealth of features. The site is frequently updated by its administrators in response to user feedback and is considered an online home to many. The site is powered by Xenforo, with customized plugins and features developed by Shiro.


Kinmunity was founded to be a friendly and welcoming online community resource for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires. The site aims to help guide those who have newly awakened, as well as provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for otherkin in general. While being extremely tolerant of individuals who are new to the concept of otherkin and therianthropy, Kinmunity requires that its members possess a sound and logical sense of their identity. The site functions as a hub and social network.


Kinmunity was first founded as Wulf Howl by Shiro in 2011. On November 25th 2014, Wulf Howl's Facebook page was updated with a message indicating that its server hosting provider terminated its account without notice and that a server move and restore from backup would be attempted. On November 27th 2014, Shiro announced that he had lost access to the decryption key in order to restore Wulf Howl's backup and that the site would be rebuilt from scratch. On December 26th 2014, Wulf Howl's Facebook page announced that Wulf Howl would be rebranded to Kinmunity and that the new site was now accepting members. Shiro has stated that he retains copies of the backup key for the new site in multiple locations.


  • Library - An articles directory. Library articles are written by more experienced members of Kinmunity and contain a wealth of information on a variety of otherkin-related topics.
  • Forums - Discussion Boards. Members of Kinmunity can post threads and replies.
  • KinSpots - A member map. Members of Kinmunity can mark their location on it to find otherkin in their local area.
  • Blogs - Member-run journals. Members of Kinmunity can get their very own blog hosted by the site.
  • Live Chat - A multi-room chat system. Members of Kinmunity can use it to chat with others in real-time.
  • Instant Messaging - A fully-featured IM system. Members of Kinmunity can instant message their friends on the site.
  • Social Groups - A group system. Members of Kinmunity may start their own social groups, which gives them their own forum and private discussion area.
  • KinCash Economy - A virtual economy and rewards system. Members of Kinmunity get rewarded bones for participating in discussion. They can use bones to purchase digital content on the site.
  • Resources Directory - A links directory. Members of Kinmunity can share and promote outside otherkin-related resources.

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