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HowlNET is an internet relay chat network for members of the otherkin & therianthropy communities.
Moderator(s) Network Founder
* Shiro
Network Administrators
* Sam
Network Moderators
* moot
* Alynna
* Takyoji
Status Defunct
Launch date March 2012
End Date September 9, 2013
Users Varies
Subject Otherkin & Therian Internet Relay Chat Network
13+, some channels may be 18+

HowlNET was an internet relay chat network for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires. Administrators of other related communities and users of HowlNET may form channels freely related to such discussion.


HowlNET was originally founded in March of 2012 to replace Wulf Howl's older public chat service. Later, the network expanded to serve the otherkin & therianthropy communities. HowlNET was founded and is administrated by Shiro


HowlNet was closed by Ulv on September 9, 2013 after the publication of My Life as a Therian which prompted widespread negative reactions, including the moving of Otherkinsight Forums' #otherkinsight channel from HowlNet to the Wolfnet IRC Network through Weresource.

HowlNet was succeeded by Kinmunity (IRC) in March of 2019.


The purpose of HowlNET was to provide a safe, secure and open environment for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires to participate in, and establish their own online chat communities.


HowlNET provided all the features you would expect on a modern IRC network. It ran InspIRCd with Atheme Services. A few of the services provided were: NickServ (nickname registration), MemoServ (offline messaging), ChanServ (channel registration), BotServ (channel protection), StatServ (statistics tracking), and SecBot (Security Control & Troll Prevention).

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External Links

  • #howlnet, HowlNet's primary discussion channel.
  • #yelp, HowlNet's help channel.
  • #clearing, chat channel for Wulf Howl's monthly discussion and debate.