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#IRC This user can usually be found on the #dreamhart IRC channel
A-7star-l5.jpg This user has an Harmony & Discord profile with the name [1]
Twitter.jpg This user is @narratophilia on Twitter.

Tumblr-logo.png This user has a Tumblr account with the name pipingbag


The name's Pix Pipingbag! I picked it myself and I like it. I'm a 19-year-old rusalkakin, which is sort of a blend between mermaidkin and demonkin. Rusalka are a sort of Slavic water demon, and they operate much like sirens. You can read more about the rusalka here.

I enjoy drawing, fashion, and playing video games in my spare time, and in the summer I go swimming as much as possible. I'm also very fond of aquariums and zoos, and I visit them whenever I can.

It's important to note that my kin blog is not my main tumblr account. I use a side blog mainly for the sake of privacy, and to keep my identity private. However, I'm more than willing to give out my main URL via private messaging. The only reason I do this is I have a negative reputation outside of the kin community and I'd rather keep that muck as far away from my kin blog as possible. I promise, I didn't actually do anything bad. I just smarted off to the wrong popular blogger and now I'm screwed unless I remake.