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A-7star-l5.jpg This user has an Harmony & Discord profile with the name [1]

Olim axayim! To-thee greetings!

This user page concerns Maellenkleth (or 'Elane' for short). In brief: I live in a small village on an island in Salishaan, Cascadia. I do industrial design and project management for a living, although I am semi-retired now. My principal diversions are two- and three-dimensional stained-glass artwork, baroque organ performance (although rather rusty now that my hands have worn out), vocal performance (baroque contralto solo and chamber-choir repertoire), wood-carving in yellow-cedar, and computational linquistics as applied to the spread of artificial languages into everyday use. I employ the serial comma to devastating effect.

-- Lüraki sriþan yaveþifli.

-- This user enjoys music by Georg Philipp Telemann.

-- This user enjoys the works of Philip Glass.

-- This user is Cascadian.

-- This user sings in a choir.

-- This user believes Riemann was right

-- This user is an intermediate harpsichordist.

-- This user is an advanced organist.

-- This user is an intermediate vocalist.

-- yalayatxani Sriþan 'iflo: this user can talk to Lerfolk in their own language, at native level.

-- Thisere user maught tawk Appalachian Inglish sumtaams.

-- This user is able to contribute with a near-native level of British English.

-- This user speaks Canadian English at a near-native level.

-- This user has no interest in Internet slang, or talks like an offline person.

-- This user does not wish to speak or hear sarcasm, but is resigned to the necessity of at least understanding it within an environment of massive collaboration.

-- This user has an intermediate understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

-- 這個用戶認為漢字簡化是好是壞取決於漢字本身。 这个用户认为汉字简化是好是坏取决于汉字本身。

-- This user believes that whether simplification made a character more or less beautiful depends on the character.

-- Hierdie gebruiker het 'n gemiddelde begrip van Afrikaans.

-- Cette utilisateuse peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.

-- Mae'r defnyddiwr 'ma yn siaradwr brodorol y Gymraeg.

-- 이 사용자는 한국어를 모르거나, 이해하는 데 어려움이 있습니다.

-- This user can program in Fortran.

-- This user can write HTML.

-- This user is fluent in Fanakalo, to the extent that fluency is possible within a severely-constrained linguistic corpus.

-- This user is a professional editor.

-- This user realises that educated people from the Middle Ages already thought that the Earth was spherical.

-- This user is a bright.

-- This user has university degrees.

-- This user's Intelligence Quotient is not readily measurable.

-- This user is an elf.

-- This user takes being an elf seriously, although being resigned to others not sharing such a viewpoint.