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Hi. I'm Dan O'Dea. I've been part of the online Otherkin community since February 1998, and the "offline" Otherkin community since March of 1998.

I currently help run the North Houston monthly Otherkin meetup, and run annual Gathers over Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. I also moderate forums on

In the past, I was actively involved in TwilightFae, DarkFae, MidnightVoices, the ORB, F.A.E., the previous EZBoard version of EmbracingMystery, and the Elenari community, and helped run the Dancing the Endless Dream and FAE Retreat gathers. You can still find some of my stuff on and

Like some others who have been around awhile, I don't label myself much. I'm comfortable with other people using labels like Elf, Sidhe or Fae for me. If you use a different one, I would want to know where and when you met me.

In addition to Otherkin, I have a background in metaphysics and mysticism. I started studying things like ESP, PSI, yoga, and martial arts as a child. I added various new age, occult, and pagan things in college and shortly thereafter. I've gone through the basic course with Art of Living, but am only an erratic follower of their practices. I was a student of Mark Roberts, and have stood in circle with Isaac Bonewitz (who had an amazing voice). I currently hang out with Llygedyn Grove (Celtic Recon) in Austin.