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Real name Benjamin "Jessica" Z.
Other names Urban, Panther, bz3
Date of birth Oct. 26 1992
Profession or hobby Student
Theriotype Black Panther(Jaguar)
Location , New York USA

UrbanPanther is a Black Panther (Black jaguar) Therian, living in New York State, USA. Although biologically male she prefers female pronouns. She currently runs the site Therian Tracks as an admin, with JustLionAround and Mama Bear as moderators. She got her start in the Therian community in the summer of 2007 when she was 14 years of age, when she joined the Therian group Pack Seenoee, while under the name bz3. Urban also briefly participated on The Werelist, under the name bz3, and a small Therian group known as Teulu, under her current name Urbanpanther.

Urban is a High School graduate and she currently studies Criminal Justice at a University in New York State. Urban is also known to have dyslexia, depression, and aspergers disorder.