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Mama Bear

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Real name Natalie M.
Other names Grizz, Mama Bear
Date of birth October 4th, 1993
Profession or hobby Artist, Mod on Therian Tracks
Theriotype Ussuri Brown Bear/Grizzly Bear
Location , Florida United States

Bear (aka; Mama Bear) is an 18 year old Ussuri Brown Bear/Grizzly bear therian with draconic backgrounds from Central Florida. She is currently attending college and remains self employed as an artist. Bear plans to pursue forensics, but also wishes to gain an art degree.

Bear has stated that she has been a therian her whole life, but on January 6th of 2011, officially joined the online community. The forums she is most active on is Wulfhowl, Feral Nature, and Therian Tracks, a forum which she moderates.Bear was also previously on werelist as well. She has been in the Tumblr community briefly, before being ridiculed for her comments on Fictionkin. Bear moved accounts, and has ceased all activity within the Tumblr otherkin community, stating on her personal blog " Before anyone jumps to conclusions, no I am NOT associated with the otherkin and therians on tumblr, I do NOT like Draven and I do not condone Pedophilia in ANY SITUATION. A pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile. I do not like posting in the tag but I just need to make this clear. Also. I want to be called human, I am human, and I do not wish to be anything else. I know many kin like me. But being a therian is a spiritual thing for me. I do not prioritize these beliefs in my life. Just letting you all know that there’s kin out there like me and that not all hope is lost in this irrational “community” I do not partake in."

Bear is best known for her artwork, as she was previously known as Celestialwolven2 on Deviantart. During her time before she left DeviantArt, Bear announced she was dragonkin. Since her further self discovery, she has claimed she was always a bear, and that she simply dipped her feet into different species of theriotypes to be sure of herself.

She continues to participate not only in the therian community, but the furry one as well. Bear is best known for her clean furry/animal artwork, and her direct comments towards the ever-growing group of Tumblr otherkin and fictionkin. Her stance on fictionkin remains neutral.