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Profession or hobby Troll (hobby)

Transcats is a troll in the otherkin community. She is active on Tumblr, and her style of trolling closely mimics the earlier troll Prince Koyangi[1]. She claims to be a twenty-year-old "Cis, vegan, multiracial, bisexual, demisexual, pagan, plural, transspecies, witch". Her more over-the-top claims include that she owns a cat who is the person who should have been born in her body[2], that her parents have had to force her to bathe[3], that the term "batshit" is based on oppression of bats by humans[4], and that "I transcend the traditional human concept of gender since I am a cat. I am not just a her, but a cher."[5]

Specific Incidents

  • On January 22, 2013, she posted a blog entry labeled "F That", vowing that she will continue to blog, but will never post in the otherkin tag again, and that users who post in it should "take a long walk off a short bridge."[6] Two days later she made another post indicating that her trolling of the otherkin tag on tumblr would, in fact, continue.[7]
  • On February 8, 2013, she posted another blog entry titled "I’m getting tired of playing nice cat all the time", indicating she intends to stop blogging. She also says "I’ve done nothing but give absolute losers a way to feel better about themselves."[8] To date she has not actually stopped blogging.

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