Therian/Spiritual Get-Together

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Therian/Spiritual Get-Together
Organizer(s) quebecnoir
Status Defunct
Location Pawtucket, Rhode Island USA
Next held on October 19, 2013
First held on November 10, 2012
Last held on November 10, 2012
Setting potluck/bonfire
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The Therian/Spiritual Get-Together is a meetup originally created for 10 teenagers/young adults whose spiritual beliefs, particularly the belief in therianthropy, brought them together. Now the event is being expanded to include anyone who is interested in expanding their psychic abilities, hanging out, and being themselves. Activities available will include meditation, sparring, woods trekking, and exploring. The event is a potluck and everyone attending is asked to bring a dish to share. The event is by invitation only, but anyone may message the organizer to be invited to the private Facebook event page.