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Psychic Self-Defense: A Study in Occult Pathology and Criminality

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Psychic Self-Defense: A Study in Occult Pathology and Criminality
Media type Book
Release date January 01, 1930
Creator Dion Fortune
Publisher Rider & Co.
Archive Archive

Psychic Self-Defense is a book on psychic and occult self-defense, written by Dion Fortune and published by Rider & Co.. In it Fortune touches upon psychic vampires and upon individuals who would now be considered otherkin, claiming that the latter are the result of the psychic vortex formed during sexual union, and through which the soul of the child being conceived enters, being deflected into the sphere of evolution of another type of life. Of otherkin, which she terms "non-humans", she states: "There is nothing more disastrous than marriage with a non-human, for they have nothing in their nature that can satisfy the normal human yearnings for affection and sympathy. The one saving feature in such a union is that grounds for divorce are invariably readily available, for the morals of the non-human are those of the barnyard."