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The term [[otherkin]] was first coined on [[The Elfinkind Digest]] by [[Torin]] in 1990?  +
[[Starseeds]] and [[earth angels]]/[[elementals (Doreen Virtue)|elementals]] are two nonhuman communities which developed as part of the [[wikipedia:New Age|new age]] movement, independent of the [[otherkin]] community?  +
The first [[:Category:Gathers|howl]] in the [[therians|therian]] community ([[Harvest Howl]]) was held in November 1994 in Ohio, and was organized by [[Smash Greywolf]] for members of the [[Alt.Horror.Werewolves]] [[wikipedia:Usenet|Usenet]] group?  +
A [[windigos|windigo]] named [[James Harrion III]] suggested the term [[therianthrope]]s for [[therians]] on [[Alt.Horror.Werewolves]] in December 1994 as a more general term than [[lycanthrope]]s?  +
The first discussion group for [[vampires|real vampires]] online was the [[alt.culture.vampires]] [[wikipedia:Usenet|Usenet]] group, a spin-off group from [[alt.vampyres]], which was created on February 9, 1998?  +
The [[Meowers]] were the first [[wikipedia:Troll (Internet)|trolls]] to target a nonhuman community ([[Alt.Horror.Werewolves]]) in an organized fashion, even though some of the Meowers were [[otherkin]] themselves?  +
The first book to deal extensively with [[otherkin]], using that exact term, was [[The Veil’s Edge: Exploring the Boundaries of Magic]] by [[Willow Polson]], published on March 3, 2003?  +
The online [[therian]] community started out on [[Alt.Horror.Werewolves]] on [[wikipedia:Usenet|Usenet]]?  +
An [[angels|angel]] [[otherkin]], [[MemoryandDream]] - owner and founder of [[Embracing Mystery]] and [[Drink Deeply and Dream]] - started the [http://giveneyestosee.com/blog/2011/10/i-am-obamacare/ I Am Obamacare] meme?  +
There is a largely separate [[Draconity]] community for [[dragons|dragon]] [[otherkin]], which started out on [[Alt.Fan.Dragons]] on [[wikipedia:Usenet|Usenet]]?  +
The [[Elf Queen's Daughters]] were a group of self-identified [[elves]] in 1973, 17 years before the otherkin community came into existence?  +
[[vampires|Real vampires]] were once termed [[human living vampires]]?  +
[[The Elfinkind Digest]] was the [[:Category:Mailing Lists|mailing list]] that started the online [[otherkin]] community?  +
The [[otherkin]], [[therians|therian]] and [[vampires|real vampire]] communities evolved separately with some limited overlap in membership, and are still largely separate despite increasing overlap?  +
The [[otherkin]] and [[multiplicity]] communities have historically had a great deal of overlap due to the frequency of [[multiplicity|multiple]] [[systems]] having nonhuman members?  +